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Hydronic Pool Heating System

Integrate your house and pool heating to generate huge savings on installation, running and maintenance costs.

Our revolutionary Heating System (patent-pending) uses the existing or new house boiler to heat the pool as well. Therefore, we allow you to regulate the water temperature to your personal preference at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Most residential pools in Melbourne and other cities are heated through roof-mounted solar heating. This heating method moves water through a large network of manifolds and tubes on the roof, transporting heated water from the roof to the pool. The Ascot Heating system strategically frees up valuable roof space which can be better utilised for photovoltaic cells and not relying on unpredictable sunlight, it allows year-round swimming.

You'll also save money - initial testing indicates that the Ascot system operates at approximately 1/7 of the cost of traditional solar-based pool heating.

Commercial, Community, Resort.

The Ascot Heating System can also operate at a commercial scale, including community, resort and apartment pools. It can save thousands on running costs and eliminate the need for expensive gas connection services to conventional pool boilers.

If you like the idea of enjoying personalised water temperature all year around, huge savings in energy costs, and no unsightly tubes or gas lines, let’s talk about a unique pool heating solution.