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The Perfect Synergy of Elements That Make You Feel at Home.

Hydronic heating is quiet and all-enveloping, and here’s why. The hydronic heating boiler is the most vital component of the entire system and an investment that will pay you back in comfort and savings on your energy bills. Modern boilers utilise sophisticated technology that enables the innovative system to achieve up to 98.6% thermal efficiency when used on slab heating. PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) piping transports hot water from the boiler to radiators or panels throughout your home and then back to the unit for reheating. A programmable wall-mounted thermostat allows you to control the temperature level throughout your home and zoning capabilities enable you to close off rooms that are not in use. Radiant heat envelops your living space from floor to ceiling, eliminating cold spots with a cosy ambient air temperature that is never over-bearing. Each element of the hydronic heating system works harmoniously with the next, delivering the ultimate in home luxury.
After an initial consultation, our technicians at Ascot Heating will design a heating solution that suits your family’s needs and complements your home and lifestyle perfectly

Please read our articles comparing boiler technology or give us a call today to discuss in more detail.

Hydronic heating is a smart heating option for all residential and commercial properties. Offering consistent, even heating throughout the entire property or zoned areas for greater comfort and flexibility. The traditional method of heating favoured by Europeans is coupled with the latest technology for a far superior system suited to even the harshest of climates.

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Hydronic heating panels are a discreet and efficient method of heating your property. Offering, maximum control and efficiency, slimline radiator panels can be easily installed without forgoing cupboard space and without creating bulkheads to accommodate bulky ducts. Simple, sophisticated heating panels add an air of class to any room.

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