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Bringing Warmth & Comfort to Homes Across Melbourne.

Hydronic Heating- The Smart, Bespoke, Heating Solution That Takes Care of Your Family While Saving You Money.

With over 30 years of industry experience, Ascot Heating built a solid reputation for providing superior heating solutions to homes Melbourne-wide. We install stylish hydronic heating systems in new properties and replace, repair and maintain boilers and heatings systems in established properties. We are passionate about providing our clients with no fuss, home heating that is affordable and reliable. At Ascot Heating, we pride ourselves on superior customer service, and ensure that our technicians always arrive on schedule and are professional and honourable at all times.

As proud members of the Victorian Building Association, Ascot Heating is fully licensed in Mechanical Plumbing and Gas Fitting, as well as all aspects of HVAC. We provide six years workmanship warranty with ongoing support and maintenance schedules that guarantee your hydronic heating system is working at an optimum level for maximum comfort.

Is Your Heating System Letting You Down? Stay Calm. Ascot Heating Have the Solution.

Heating systems have changed over the years, and many older systems are now struggling to cope with the changing climate. Modern boilers and hydronic heating systems are not only efficient, but they are incredibly economical, saving up to 30% on energy bills. We strongly believe that Ascot Heating solutions are the best on the market. Our technicians listen to your family’s needs and will design a solution that suits your lifestyle and your budget. Our sleek heating systems are cleaner and healthier than older gas ducted units and deliver a warmth and comfort level that is unmatched.

Would You Like To Use Your Swimming Pool All Year Round?

Ascot Heating's patented, innovative pool heating solution is the first of its kind. Our system is designed to maintain a constant water temperature all year round at a fraction of the cost of a regular pool heater. Heat any sized pool with our groundbreaking swimming pool heating system, ask us how today.

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Ascot Heating offers fast and reliable repair, maintenance and installation services to customers across Melbourne, so give us a call today to discuss your needs.

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Save on your energy bills.
The Greener, Healthier Option

Hydronic heating uses water and natural gas and is the most eco-friendly way to warm your home. The greenhouse gas emissions of hydronic heating systems are considerably lower when compared to conventional heating methods. Hydronic heating is used exclusively in new buildings in all ecologically advanced countries in the world and is the obvious healthier option for your family and for future generations.

The Smarter Choice Investing in a hydronic heating system may seem like an extravagance, but it is a smart decision that will ultimately save you money in the long-term. Hydronic heating systems are up to 30% cheaper to run than ducted heating systems that actively force warm, dust-laden air into every room in your home. Modern boilers coupled with state of the art technology and zoning capabilities, give you more control and greater opportunity to lower your heating costs. Additionally, systems that are actively maintained according to manufacturers recommendations have superior longevity and an expected lifespan of up to 30 years.


If you would like to discuss the benefits of hydronic heating for your home? Give us a call today to discuss your options.