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There are many boilers on the market today. Servicing, spare parts and manufacturer’s warranties are paramount.

Ascot Heating installs both indoor and external high efficiency boilers which are robust and suited to Australian conditions.

Where the area for services is limited, a combination boiler (to provide both domestic hot water and hydronic heating) is a popular choice.

Ascot Heating also offer condensing boilers, which provide both environmental and financial benefits. An authentic condensing boiler will save you up to 15% on your gas bill.

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For the future of our planet

Increasingly, the serious nature of the environmental issues facing our world has driven many of us to try to save energy when and where we can.

Hydronic heating uses much less energy than conventional forced air heating therefore producing fewer carbon emissions.

It’s no secret that the Western European communities are leading the way when it comes to being eco-friendly, particularly in places like Scandinavia, Austria and Germany.

That’s why hydronic heating is used exclusively in new buildings in the most ecologically advanced countries in the world.

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Save on your energy bills.

Is hydronic heating expensive to install and will it add to the value of your home?

In the short term, your intial investment may seem a more expensive option than a fan forced ducted heating system. However, in the long term, the use of natural gas fired boilers coupled with the inbuilt zoning ability of a hydronic heating system will often lead to lower running costs.

Will a hydronic heating system add value to your home? Most home buyers today are well aware of the substantial health benefits of hydronic heating systems and are prepared to pay more for any home with a hydronic heating system.

If your looking for economical heating during those cold months, and consider the future health of your family as important, hydronic heating ticks all the boxes!


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