Panel Heating

Panel heating is the most popular form of hydronic heating due to its flexibility and efficiency.  It is a particularly effective option for installation to existing dwellings.

Further, panel heating can be installed into new buildings without compromising ceiling heights, creating bulk heads or utilising valuable cupboard space to accommodate ductwork.


Pool Heating

Integrate your house and pool heating to generate huge savings on installation, running and maintenance costs.

Our revolutionary Heating System (patent-pending) uses the existing or new house boiler to heat the pool as well. letting you regulate the water temperature to your personal preference at a fraction Of the traditional cost.


Trench Heating

Trench heating is aesthetically pleasing, and is utilised where wall space is limited.

An insulated box, containing a heating element, is positioned at floor level.  Careful consideration as to floor support is crucial in these installations.


Floor Heating

Floor heating is mainly used in new builds, as the pipework is usually laid within the slab of the building.

Exciting advances in installation techniques mean that floor heating is finally conducive to the unpredictable Melbourne weather.


Tubular Radiators

The main difference between panel and tubular is the look. Tubular radiators look very stylish, and in the right house, can complement the building. Tubular radiators come in various heights and thickness.


Safe and Silent

Europeans have known for years that hydronic is the most efficient heating to see them through their artic winters. Hydronic heat is more comfortable than scorched air as it is much quieter than forced air heating and can be zoned to meet the temperature requirement for each room in the house.


Save on your energy bills

In the short term, your intial investment may seem a more expensive option than a fan forced ducted heating system. However, in the long term, the use of natural gas fired boilers coupled with the inbuilt zoning ability of a hydronic heating system will often lead to lower running costs.


Why Ascot heating?

With over 20 years’ experience in the European and Melbourne markets, AH are equipped to deliver superior heating solutions. In our pursuit for excellence, AH uses premium quality products and employs the most current installation techniques. The benefits to AH clients are twofold: the highest quality equipment combined with expertise.

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How hydronic heating works

Essentially, hydronic heating is the efficient transfer of heat through water. Since water conducts heat more effectively than air, less energy is required to radiate heat throughout the house. A boiler transfers the hot water through pipes which are laid beneath the floor or which are connected to room panels throughout your home.


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